Eastern Entreprenuership and Tourism Network

Eastern Entrepreneurship & Tourism Network (EETN) is a platform for tourism and entrepreneurship stakeholders. It advocates for, and promotes tourism, trade, investment and entrepreneurship in Eastern Uganda through a variety of initiatives. Its purpose is providing its affiliates with a wide range of undertakings such as:

  • Self-Help Projects
  • Societal Networking
  • Team Building
  • Entrepreneurial Skills and Mentoring
  • Entrepreneur Boot Camps

Mission, Vision, Values, and Objectives

 The mission, vision, and objectives of Eastern Entrepreneurship and Tourism Network are as follows:


To provide entrepreneurs, as well as those aspiring to be entrepreneurs and relevant stakeholders, with a forum to network, share ideas and promote growth.


To stimulate innovation among entrepreneurs and provide a platform to customize and tailor existing potential


  1. To nurture and rouse interest in entrepreneurship, tourism and similar activities.
  2. To generate a better standard of social responsibility by encouraging a spirit of building teamwork and promoting goodwill among entrepreneurs.
  3. To provide activities of a recreational and social nature for the benefit and enjoyment of the members.
  4. Creating a sustainable community through self-help projects, safety and crime reduction, and creative arts
  5. Building on community assets and on people together taking action and responsibility for their community.

EETN Brand strategy

 We are designing a new suite of integrated, interactive and engaging communications. The new campaign will highlight the east’s distinctiveness through compelling communications showcasing our iconic experiences to achieve maximum reach and impact in our target markets.

Consumers will be able to access information and purchase the full range of holiday products through all key distribution channels.

We will harness the power of word of mouth and increase the east’s presence across all online and key social media channels.

What EETN Have Achieved

  1. Organized an inspirational Talk and Charity hike to Wanale
  2. Documentary on Bamasaaba Culture
  3. Organized the Cure Marathon to raise funds for Hydrocephalus operations
  4. Prepared Team Building Activities
  5. Capacity Building in the UNDP Workshops
  6. Organized Festivals like the Full Moon Party
  7. Organized Miss Tourism Eastern
  8. Participated in World Tourism Day Celebrations
  9. Presented a paper on Stakeholders & Tourism potential in Eastern Uganda to UTB, Ministry of Tourism and Tour Operators
  10. Participated in the Africa Travel Association Conference & Jaguza International Expo 2014
  11. Exhibited in the 2017 Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo (POATE)
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