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The Link Agency East Africa (TLAEA) is a registered firm which provides consultancy in Business Development Services (BDS), Project Planning, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Socio Economic Research, Organization Development, Professional ICT Consultancy, information directories and internship opportunities among others..

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The services that are delivered by The Link Agency - EA are aimed at accelerating the economic empowerment of the population while at the same time addressing crosscutting issues of gender environment, climate smart issues and HIV/AIDS. The principle methodologies applied in delivering these services include Participatory Rural appraisal (PRA), Participatory Needs Analysis (PNA) and Socio-Economic Gender Analysis (SEGA).

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Elgon Tourism Expo & Business Forum 2023 to boost local tourism

Travel Enthusiasts to explore Elgon in New Eastern Region Elgon Tourism Expo & Business Forum 2023.

The theme for the expo is dubbed "Tour Destination Eastern Uganda". 

The Expo, which will be hosted by the Courts View hotel in Mbale runs from December 1st – 3rd, seeks to showcase the diverse tourism attractions and opportunities in Eastern Uganda’s Elgon region (stretching from Kidepo National Valley Park to Busia offshore beaches).

History of Tousim Expos

History. Tourism in Uganda has its roots to when future prime minister Winston Churchill visited the nation in 1907 and dubbed it as the "Pearl of Africa" for its colourful nature. In the late 1960s, Uganda was visited by 100,000 international tourists each year. Tourism was the country's fourth largest earner of foreign exchange. The tourist industry ended in the early 1970s because of political instability. By the late 1980s, Uganda's political climate had stabilised and conditions were suitable for reinvestment in Uganda's tourist industry.

In October 2014 the Ugandan government's Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities released the 2014–2024 Tourism Development Master Plan with support from the United Nations World Tourism Organization and the United Nations Development Programme. Among other strategies, the Plan divides the country up into several geographical "Tourism Development Areas". 

A Tourism Expo is an event that brings together different travel suppliers, from airlines and hotels to tour operators and even restaurants. These exhibitors usually offer special rates on their products and services, allowing you to save big on your travel expenses

About the Elgon Tourims Expo & Business Forum 2023

This article reports on a 3-day tourism excursion to the Elgon region in Uganda, aimed to showcase Elgon’s untapped tourism potential and encourage Ugandans to travel to the eastern region during the festive season.